Moments captured in time are never lost like tears in the rain.


I've been interested in photography most of my life in one form or another. My first photos where taken as a 4H project when I was 10 or 11 years old. Used an early 1950's Kodak box camera  and won a blue ribbon. That sent me on my way. I've never considered my photos as art, but simply the capture of moments in time.

Photography as Communication

Photographs give us all the opportunity to travel in time. We can travel back in time to see ourselves, our families, old friends, and the world as it was in those select moments.We have an amazing photographic time line of some of the 19th century and all of the 20th century and will have even a better one of the century we are now in with the advent of digital cameras and cell phone cameras in every pocket.  People are always wonderful subjects for these snap shots (moments of time), but my preference is for the world around us, the moments we so often take for granite. The mishmash of mans intrusion on the world and the power of Mother Nature. I'm ever fascinated by the changing colors and textures of a spring morning, a summer afternoon, the sun setting on a fall evening, or the inescapable silence of a fresh blanket of snow. Time is ever so precious and a photo will let us capture it and travel back in time to those moments better than anything else.

All of the photos can be reproduced in many forms of media including: photo prints, fine art papers, canvas, and metal plates. They can be mounted in plain mats for your frames or custom framed. Contact me for pricing and shipping costs. In all cases reproductions can be shipped directly to your address. Shipping times may vary according to form of reproduction and size.

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